Safe Home ( Royal Family Productions )


Wright-Mead is heartbreaking... a note of hope and sweetness. - BackStage


Katy Wright-Mead is touching. - The New York Times


Wright-Mead is a ray of sunshine as the effervescent and wholesome Claire. - Reflections In The Light


Katy Wright Mead is absolutely spot-on in the play's most heartbreaking scene. - Show Showdown


Katy Wright Mead shines as the girl reluctant to get involved with the soon to be deployed Marine. - Theatermania 



Killers ( Not Just 3 New Plays Festival )

Katy Wright-Mead treats the audience to a chilling performance... Her soliloquies and deadpan reactions are adorably haunting.

A beautifully written and interpreted character, she forces the audience to sympathize with her. - NYU News 


Katy Wright-Mead is noteworthy as the timid Nameless, using nervous body language and a shaky

(though methodical) voice to convey her own deadly yearnings. -




Trans-Euro Express ( Irish Arts Center & Fundamental Theater Project )


Wright-Mead sparkles next to the men... and the chemistry between her and Hill is just plain hot. - New York Theatre Review


Anna, through Wright-Mead's quirky appeal, is an amalgam of free-spirit and a firm goal. - Curtain Up


Katy Wright-Mead's Anna is both sweet and a little scary -- you'll be rooting for her and Gram to get together. - L&S America


Katy Wright-Mead did a fine job showing both funny and slightly crazy and the growing romance between

her and Gram is tender and touching. - Irish Examiner


The four cast members appear to be genuinely at ease with each other; we have no trouble

believing that these characters are friends of long standing. - BackStage



Drinking Games ( Believe Ltd. Productions )


Wright-Mead and Natalie are particularly stellar but there's not a weak performance among the entire ensemble. - The Independent Critic