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Katy Wright-Mead

Writer (WGA)


Katy Wright-Mead is co-writer of the feature film Sometimes, I Think About Dying, starring Daisy Ridley. She is co-writer, star and producer of the Sundance Film Festival and Academy Award Short-Listed short film of the same title. Having spent a decade making theater in New York City, she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids and writes for the screen. 

Acting credits include; Boardwalk Empire (HBO), The Knick (Cinemax), Rush Hour (CW), Fight Of The Living Dead (YouTube RED), killers ((not just) 3 new plays), Good Men Wanted (Arena Stage), Ghost Stories (Tiny Little Band), Bea Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table (ANT Fest @ Ars Nova).



MFI North Fork Film Festival (Best Actress)

Rincon International Film Festival (Best Actress)

North Bend Film Festival (Best Actress)

Walla Walla Movie Crush (Best Actress Nominee)

Detroit Shetown Women's Film Festival (Honorable Mention: Best Actress)


Wright-Mead is heartbreaking... a note of hope and sweetness. - BackStage

Katy Wright-Mead is touching. - The New York Times

Katy Wright Mead is absolutely spot-on in the play's most heartbreaking scene. - Show Showdown

Wright-Mead sparkles... the chemistry between her and Hill is just plain hot. - New York Theatre Review

Wright-Mead is a ray of sunshine as the effervescent and wholesome Claire. - Reflections In The Light

Katy Wright Mead shines as the girl reluctant to get involved with the deployed Marine. - Theatermania 

Katy Wright-Mead treats the audience to a chilling performance. Her soliloquies and deadpan reactions are adorably haunting. A beautifully written and interpreted character. - NYU News 

Katy Wright-Mead is noteworthy as the timid Nameless, using nervous body language and a shaky (though methodical) voice to convey her own deadly yearnings. - Stage Buddy

Anna, through Wright-Mead's quirky appeal, is an amalgam of free-spirit and a firm goal. - Curtain Up

Wright-Mead is sweet and a little scary. You'll be rooting for her and Gram to get together. - L&S America

Wright-Mead did a fine job showing both funny and slightly crazy and the growing romance between her and Gram is tender and touching. - Irish Examiner

The four cast members appear to be genuinely at ease with each other; we have no trouble believing that these characters are friends of long standing. - BackStage

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